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Pupil, Parent and School Agreement

At Reach Academy, we want to ensure that every pupil has a truly successful placement and transition. We offer a rich and varied curriculum that takes into account the social, emotional and mental health needs of all of our pupils. We will provide a safe and caring environment where our pupils will be nurtured and encouraged to thrive.

To help us do this, we ask that pupils, parents/ carers and schools we work with support us by doing the following:

Pupils will:

Parents/ Carers will:

  • Ensure that your child attends school regularly
  • Work alongside Reach Academy to encourage positive behaviour
  • Let staff know if there have been issues at home
  • Attend reviews and meetings to support your child
  • Celebrate in the successes your child enjoys

Schools will:

  • Support Reach Academy with the appropriate data and information prior to and post placement
  • Attend reviews and meetings
  • Maintain regular contact with the pupil, if they are returning to school
  • Inform parents/carers of any changes that may affect them

In return, you can expect from Reach Academy:

  • A targeted curriculum that will meet academic and SEMH needs
  • Regular liaison with parents/ carers and schools
  • A safe and secure environment where you can succeed
  • A planned transition to your next educational establishment

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